Challenge a Course for Credit

Challenge a Course for Credit


Students may challenge a University course by taking the final examination for the course with the approval of the department chair and director of admissions. Challenge exams are provided to students who, through life experience, have knowledge equivalent to university courses, and to students who attended a school with limited transferability. Challenge exams are offered on a credit/no-credit basis; no grade is recorded for the course challenged.

Credit is not awarded if duplicated by previous course work or examinations, nor if the student has earned higher-level course credit of similar content. Challenge examinations are not available to those seeking university credit for material learned in high school, or classes previously failed or classes from which the student withdrew. The academic department determines which of its course offerings are open to challenge and who may challenge them. Students must contact the Office of Admissions for appropriate forms. A $50 fee must be paid prior to the examination. International students must have authorization from the International Office of Admissions, 250 Student Services Building, in addition to departmental approval before a challenge examination may be given.

Procedures to Obtain Credit by Challenge Examination:

  • Pick up the Petition for Credit by Examination from the Office of Admissions on the 2nd floor of the Student Services Building.

  • Obtain permission from the department chairperson and have the chairperson sign the Petition for Credit by Examination.

  • Have the department write its account number on the petition before paying for the examination.

  • Pay $50.00 for each petition at the cashier's window in Room 150 in the Student Services Building.

  • Attach the receipt or a copy of the receipt to the petition (credit will not be awarded without the receipt or a copy of the receipt attached.)

  • Take the petition with receipt to the person administering the exam.

  • The person administering the exam must sign the petition, giving the date of the exam, the grade received, and the credit hours recommended.

  • The person administering the exam should then return the petition to the Credits and Admissions Committee, c/o The Office of Admissions in Room 250 of the Student Services Building.

  • Credit will be posted by the Office of Admissions if approved by the Credits and Admissions Committee.


  • Only matriculated University of Utah students are eligible to petition for credit by examination.
  • A C- grade or higher must be achieved for credit to be awarded.
  • Although a grade is reported, the hours will be posted as credit.
  • If challenging more than one course, additional petitions will be needed.