College of Social and Behavioral Science

Today's big challenges require new and innovative solutions where multiple disciplines work together to solve global crises and meet human needs.

We are focused on creating a social science way of thinking about critical challenges that all of us face in the social and natural world. Our award-winning faculty and students study a wide range of issues including climate and sustainability, social and economic inequality, immigration policies, cultural extinction, technology and society, international security, global trade, early learning and child development, health and well-being, and the roles of gender and ethnicity in society.



The Solutions Scholars program admits a cohort of approximately 20 students each fall. These scholars are committed to addressing key challenges facing our world like immigration, inequities facing women, climate change, poverty, human rights, the obesity crisis and more. Each Solutions Scholar is supported with a $4,000 scholarship disbursed over two years.

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CSBS has its own dedicated internship coordinator who works with students to identify internships suited to personal preferences and interests or program requirements. Considered an integral factor in preparing students to be competitive upon entering the job market, over 386 internships were completed by CSBS students during the 2019 academic year.

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CSBS hosts an annual Student Research Day each spring, where participating students can present their original research projects to a panel of faculty judges. Whether showcasing lab research or research that is community-focused, Student Research Day is an opportunity to learn and connect with faculty mentors. Visit our CSBS Research page to view opportunities for each CSBS major.

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Anthropology is the study of human beings; their cultures, biology, behaviors, and their changes through time (evolution).

Because we study all aspects of humans, anthropology is said to be holistic and inter-disciplinary, where anthropologists work hand-in-hand with other sciences such as biology, physiology, sociology and psychology.

The University of Utah’s Anthropology Department is divided into four main divisions: Cultural, Biological, Evolutionary Ecology, and Archaeology.

  • Cultural anthropology focuses on human cultures and how they vary through time and space—around the world and back through pre-history.
  • Biological anthropology focuses on ancient and modern human anatomical, physiological, and biological variability and concerns itself with non-human primates like chimpanzees and gorillas—by studying them, we hope to learn more about ourselves.
  • Evolutionary ecology (sometimes referred to as behavioral ecology) examines human (and non-human primate) behavior and life-history—why did human beings evolve the way they did?
  • Archaeology is the excavation and interpretation of what humans leave behind in order to infer how and why humans have evolved.

Student Experiences at the U

  • Join the Anthropology Club to learn more about the field, meet like-minded students, and practice networking.
  • Engage in Study Abroad and Field School programs. Study Abroad examples include student travel to Tonga for an immersive research experience. Field School examples include assignments in archaeology or primate research to gain hands-on skills.
  • Participate in undergraduate research projects that offer excellent opportunities to pursue individual interest areas and gain valuable research and analytical skills.

Career Opportunities

  • Researchers
  • Archaeologists
  • Professors
  • Museums curators and archivists
  • Non-profit program managers
  • Forensics
  • Pre-med
  • Public health
  • Government Policy Analysts

A degree in anthropology prepares you for advanced degrees in:

  • Business
  • Medicine
  • Law


Department Scholarships

Degrees offered

Anthropology (BA/BS)
Anthropology – emphasis in Archeological Sciences
Anthropology – emphasis in Cultural Anthropology
Anthropology – emphasis in Evolutionary Anthropology
Anthropology – emphasis in Health
Anthropology Minor
Integrative Human Biology Minor

Department of Anthropology


College of Social & Behavioral Science
College of Social & Behavioral Science


CSBS has a number of advisors to assist you on your academic journey.

Please see contact info below for major-specific advisors.

CSBS has a number of advisors to assist you on your academic journey.

Please see contact info below for major-specific advisors.

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