Course Petition


The Office of Admissions evaluates incoming transfer courses for acceptance at the University of Utah. Typically transfer courses that are not similar in nature to courses taught at the university are not accepted. If a transfer course is not initially accepted a student may petition to receive credit for the course, by petitioning the course to an academic department. When an academic department determines a transfer course should be approved for acceptance, the course is then posted to a student’s record by the Office of Admissions.

Procedures to Petition a Transfer Course for Credit

  • Print and complete the Petition for Acceptance of Credit form.
  • Obtain the syllabus for the transfer course from the original institution.
  • Submit the petition form and syllabus to the academic department on campus which teaches similar material.
  • Allow the department the opportunity to review your request
  • An approved petition requires signatures of both a faculty member and department chair
  • Return the approved petition form to or in person to the Office of Admissions, Student Services Building, 201 S. 1460 E. Room 250S.

Please Note

  • If the course is accepted, the Office of Admissions will post the course to the student’s degree audit once the form is returned.
  • If the student is petitioning multiple courses to multiple departments, each department will need to complete a separate form.


Petition for Acceptance of Credit