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Determining a major is often a challenge in your first year. Here you can explore colleges and find more information about programs and degrees at The University of Utah.

College of Education
The College of Education provides a learning environment that fosters discovery and dissemination of knowledge to promote learning, equitable access, and enhanced learning outcomes for all students.
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College of Engineering
The University of Utah’s College of Engineering is a premier research and educational institution that is developing cutting-edge technologies for the future.
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College of Humanities
Humanities teaches us to question the world around us in order to better understand our place within it, as we seek to understand the nuances of cultural issues, to interpret human experience, and to appreciate the power of words and ideas.
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College of Mines and Earth Science
This unique college bridges the interface between the earth sciences and fields of engineering offering a wide variety of exciting research and educational experiences.
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College of Science
Welcome all investigators, puzzlers, thinkers and problem solvers with a passion for solving the challenges the world through innovation and research.
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College of Social and Behavioral Science
Today's big challenges require new and innovative solutions where multiple disciplines work together to solve global crises and meet human needs.
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David Eccles School of Business
At the David Eccles School of Business, the classroom is more than a place of teaching and learning; it’s a place of doing.
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School for Cultural and Social Transformation
We at the new School for Cultural and Social Transformation are ready to think with you. Ready to shape the leaders—you—who will put ideas into forceful motion.
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