Estimated Undergraduate Expenses for I-20


ESTIMATED EXPENSES FoR Fall 2022 - Spring 2023 - Summer 2023

Below is a breakdown of the estimated undergraduate expenses for international students requesting an I-20 from the University of Utah.

Annual Living Expenses*


  • Room and Board: $15,012
  • Books: $960
  • Health Insurance: $2,269
  • Other Expenses: $5,148
  • Total Living Expenses: $23,389

Includes Two Semester Fees

Non-Resident Tuition & Fees**


  • International Student Fee ($150 per semester): $300**
  • Int'l Orientation Fee (one-time charge only): $75**
  • Undergrad Non-Resident Tuition (24 credits): $26,132
  • Matriculation Fee (one-time charge only): $125
  • Tuition & Fees Total: $26,632

Includes Two Semester Fees

Total Estimated Undergraduate Cost


**The Office of International Student & Scholar Services charges these fees.

Undergraduate international students must only prove they have funding for 12 credit hours per semester in order for the University of Utah to issue an I-20. Estimated expenses are calculated on 24 credit hours as minimum enrollment for two semesters, but it is recommended that students enroll in 15 hours a semester in order to graduate in four years. Please note that the total estimated undergraduate cost of attendance for a student taking 15 credit hours per semester is $34,610 (includes Fall & Spring only.)

You may qualify for the House Bill 118 tuition waiver, which allows eligible Utah high school graduates the opportunity to attend Utah universities and colleges and have the non-resident portion of their tuition waived. A student can qualify for this waiver if they:

  • Are a foreign national legally admitted to the United States (holds a non-immigrant visa such as F-1, H-4, J-1, etc.)
  • Attended a Utah high school for three or more years.
  • Graduated or will graduate from a Utah high school or attained the equivalent of a high school diploma (GED) in Utah.

PLEASE NOTE:  House Bill 118 is a Utah State law. If HB118 requirements are met proof of funding is required for I-20 issuance. The estimated amount needed for an I-20 has nothing to do with the Utah State Law HB118 tuition waiver. If your HB118 application is approved, you will be responsible for the resident portion of the tuition cost.