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Want to change the world? Action needs ideas. Action needs excitement, hope, and debate. We at the new School for Cultural and Social Transformation are ready to think with you. Ready to shape the leaders—you—who will put ideas into forceful motion. Our divisions and programs share cutting-edge concepts, faculty, and space. Our goal is to forge the wave of the future for the study of shifting sexualities, changing genders, dynamic immigrations, and emergent struggles against all racist thought and actions.


Pasifika Ambassadors Program

The Pasifika Ambassadors Program provides undergraduate students, who have interests or commitment to the Pacific Islander community and PI studies, the unique opportunity to learn from and with Pacific Islands Studies Initiative professors, staff, and community leaders. Through professional development workshops and hands-on experience, Pasifika Ambassadors will increase their practical knowledge and skills that will enhance their academic and social experiences, learn more about the needs of the PI community in Utah and identify tactics to meet those needs, develop and improve leadership skills, and expand each of their professional and personal networks.

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Activism & Engagement

Put your classroom learning to work in the community! You can take one community engaged learning course or focus on community engagement as a pathway through the Gender Studies Major and Minor.

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Frontiers Journal

One of the premier publications in the field of feminist and gender studies, Frontiers has distinguished itself for its diverse and decisively interdisciplinary publication agenda that explores the critical intersections among—to name a few dimensions—gender, race, sexuality, and transnationalism. Many landmark articles in the field have been published in Frontiers, in its 40+ year history, thus critically shaping the fields of women’s, gender, and sexuality studies.

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Mellon-Pasifika Undergraduate Research Fellows Program

The Mellon-Pasifika Undergraduate Research Fellows program (UG Fellows) provides paid research opportunities for students at the U to work with Pacific Islands Studies Faculty. Through this program, students will develop research and critical thinking skills by working on a research project under the mentorship of a faculty person.

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Ethnic Studies

The Ethnic Studies program at the University of Utah explores differences in power as expressed by the state, civil society, and individuals, challenging social constructions of race, ethnicity, nationality, sexuality and gender. Students examine traditional forms of history and culture from the perspective of people who are underrepresented, while considering the role that race and racism play in today’s world.

Student Experiences at the U

Enrich your academic pursuits by completing an undergraduate research project, internship, or study abroad program. Students can also get involved intheir department by joining an organization:
  • Ethnic Studies Student Advisory Committee, a group that allows students to provide feedback regarding faculty appointments and other Ethnic Studies undertakings
  • Women of Tomorrow, an organization dedicated to empowering minority women

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the Ethnic Studies program have found work in the following roles:
  • Business outreach coordinators
  • Community health educators
  • Recruiters

These additional fields of employment are also options:

  • Education
  • Journalism
  • Social work
  • Marketing
  • Political office

If you plan to attend graduate school, consider programs and subsequent careers in areas such as sociology, law, social work, education, psychology, and the health sciences.

Degrees offered

Ethnic Studies BA/BS
Ethnic Studies Minor
African American Studies Minor
American Indian Studies Minor
Asian Pacific American Studies Minor
Chicana/o Studies Minor

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